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Team Schemes now in its 50th year is a family run embroidery and printing business. Our moto has always been “Big enough to cope, small enough to care”

Whether you are buying for your club or your business you can be assured of a truly personal service from either Adam or Jill.

Team Schemes is a small family business, whose motto has always been big enough to cope, small enough to care!

Formed in 1974 by Nigel using redundancy from his forced retirement from the agency that that created the Black & Gold John Player Lotus brand.

Always interested in motor racing but recognising that this element of business could not sustain a life time of employment, Nigel turned his hand to general advertising and promotions work.

His activities on and off track in the 70’s and 80’s forged many customer relationships, who still deal with Team Schemes and we consider ourselves friends as well as clients.

In late 1978 Jill joined Nigel in his enterprise and the ongoing partnership developed with Nigel printing and Jill looking after the paperwork.

The 80’s saw Martyn and Adam born and a move to premises in rural Wiltshire was achieved in 1985. This was an environment that they all enjoyed, running race cars along side the T-shirt printing machinery, again developing relationships with drivers and Teams.

T-shirt printing was the main activity in the 80’s work for various breweries leading to the purchase of state of the art automatic t-shirt machinery, but the emergence of the Chinese market, whilst good for availability also proved fatal in so much as they took the work away from the UK market.

Eager to keep up with current trends they have invested in state of the art machinery to follow emerging markets.

Both boys joined the family business on leaving school and whilst Martyn has branched out to make his own mark, Adam has developed his skills to a high degree and looks after all the embroidery work to a very high standard.

Again in order to keep abreast with market trends Team Schemes has invested in state of the Art digital printing machinery, which has also benefited their client base.

New processes now mean we can offer digitally produced multi-colour T-shirt prints from 10 to many 1000’s.

As well as bespoke digitally printed decals for use on vehicles, machinery and general promotion materials

50 years of experience is available to help our clients find the right solution for their business needs.


Great service, high quality embroidery and printing. Our go to work wear supplier.

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